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Digital Technology

Integration made easy

With our open, license free application programmable Interface (API) you can harness the power of SABER in your own applications. You can use our APIs for a variety of different functions including: Our APIs are RESTful, have webhooks and secure authentication

Your Data stays in New Zealand

The Freightways group have developed best in-class NZ based managed IT infrastructure - we think you should have that too... All your data is hosted in a secure local data centers under are own managed infastructure.

Keeping your data Secure

Data security is important to us. That's why we have our own information security officers. It's also why we have industry experts conduct regular audits and penetration testing on all our systems.

Ready to get started?

Dataprint : Demand Different. Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

Dataprint : Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.