Our Customers

Dataprint’s services and solutions are the communication glue that binds businesses and their customers together, adding strength to vital connections. Government departments and leading New Zealand brands rely on us because we’ve got it all under one roof. We’re not just experts at communications software customisation; we’re also proficient with the nitty-gritty stuff, like printing customer letters and expertly stuffing envelopes.

PlaceMakers case study

Since winning PlaceMaker’s business more than a decade ago, Dataprint contiinues to be the ideal customer communication partner. Our unique positioning across software development, digital communications and print production means we excel at processing complex data and delivering it in user-friendly formats.


FMG turned to Dataprint for a comprehensive solution and we introduced them to Saber, our proprietary hosting platform that securely stores customer information, including invoices and statements.


Harmoney turned to Dataprint and DX Mail for a comprehensive solution to their communication challenges. We developed a seamless, efficient and reliable communication system that enhances their customer engagement and collections efforts.