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The business world is migrating to eInvoicing, because it makes payment smoother, faster and more secure. Dataprint’s eInvoicing solution is transformative, because it streamlines the exchange of data between finance systems. By eliminating manual processes, our eInvoicing application saves time, prevents errors and assures delivery.

Who's already using eInvoicing?

Hundreds of New Zealand and Australian government entities, organisations and businesses have already registered for eInvoicing. The New Zealand Government is taking a leadership role in adopting eInvoicing for its supplier base. By July 2026, they want 90% of business-to-government invoices to be eInvoices. Dataprint is working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands who are already enjoying the accuracy, speed and security benefits of eInvoicing.

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The benefits of eInvoicing

Faster payment and improved cash flow

Invoices are sent directly into the buyer’s financial system without manual intervention. There are no errors or delays, so fewer late payments.

Better supplier and customer experience

  • A growing number of New Zealand businesses prefer to receive eInvoices, because it reduces their administration burden, eliminates lost invoices and reduces delays.
  • Proposed changes to the Government Procurement Rules are likely to make eInvoicing mandatory for government entities.

Improved financial visibility

  • When you receive eInvoices, full invoice detail is retained in your financial system to support improved analysis, forecasting, planning and budgeting.
  • Invoices are easier to code, as there’s full information describing the goods or services going directly into the finance system.
  • Cashflow visibility is improved, because eInvoices are received into your financial system in real time.

Direct and secure

  • Deliverability is improved, because there are no email spam filters to worry about and a customer’s NZBN does not change.
  • The risk of fake or compromised invoices is minimised, because invoices can’t be intercepted and tampered with.
  • Invoices go directly into the buyer’s financial system, so buyers are assured they’re approving and paying genuine invoices.
  • Sender and receiver details are validated, audit logs are kept and strict protocols are followed to ensure invoices remain secure while they’re sent across the network.

Reduced administration and processing costs

  • eInvoicing is an additional, future-proofed channel that sits alongside your existing invoicing channels (e.g. email, EDI and post).
  • Translation costs are cheaper than other channels.
  • No manual data entry or processing is required, which eliminates human error and saves time. There’s no need to key in payment amounts, scan invoices, make corrections or chase missing information.

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eInvoicing questions and answers

Peppol is a global standardised framework that enables businesses to exchange procurement documents electronically. It’s widely recognised as the best solution for einvoicing.

eInvoicing is being rolled out across New Zealand to enable all businesses to participate in digital trading, reduce accounts payable costs and the inefficiencies associated with manual accounts payable, and increase the speed of payments to move money around the economy faster. With 280+ million business-to-business invoices exchanged in New Zealand each year, savings to the economy through eInvoicing are estimated to be $4.4 billion across 10 years.

Yes! In fact Dataprint is one of the first providers to build a solution that meets defined eInvoicing compliance standards for business-to-government eInvoicing in New Zealand. If you regularly invoice government entities in New Zealand, you should be talking to us.