Direct marketing

Direct mailer
print, posting and
emailing that leaves
nothing to chance

Direct marketing, both physical and digital, is an effective way to reach existing and potential customers. It’s easily personalised, cuts through the noise and offers measurable ROI. But executing your direct marketing strategies can be time consuming and confusing, unless you have Dataprint on your team. Here’s how we can help.

Direct mail printing and mailing services

Simple direct mail pieces – such as postcards and letters – can be printed in-house at Dataprint, then cost-effectively mailed to your database using DX Mail or NZ Post. Full versioning is supported by our digital print technology, so it’s possible for every print output to be personalised. Printing, folding, assembly and mailing of more complex physical direct mailers can be fully project-managed by us, using our trusted print partnerships in Auckland. Mailing is efficiently managed through our direct DX Mail connection or long-standing relationship with NZ Post.

Digital DM driven by data

Our EDM platform can efficiently send electronic direct mailers and provide you with basic reporting, including click-through rate, email client stats and device stats.

Talk to us about direct mail and email marketing

Find out how our printing, posting and emailing capabilities can help you to implement and manage your direct marketing strategies.