Services and solutions

Dataprint’s services and solutions are designed to elevate customer engagement, save money and give your people more time for tackling major opportunities. If continuous improvement is part of your organisation’s culture, partnering with us is a way to ensure you’re continually eliminating problems and replacing them with productivity and service-level gains.

Transactional Mail

We understand that transactional mail services go beyond sending invoices and statements. It’s a powerful tool for driving results for your business. Our comprehensive transactional mail services encompass a wide range of essential documents and communication channels, including statements and invoices, renewal letters, online billing, reminder setters and cross-selling letters.

Virtual Mailroom

Physical mail is hard work if you do it yourself, so Dataprint created Digi-Mail – the virtual mailroom that saves you money and time. With Digi-Mail your employees take minutes, not hours, to do a mail-out. You don’t need a printer, ink or paper. As a rule, you can expect each letter to cost around 20 cents less to produce and post.

Digital & Data Services

Dataprint offers a suite of transformative services designed to elevate customer engagement, improve accuracy and save hours of employee time. Our digital and data services include eInvoicing via the Peppol network; archiving and self-service portals with our proprietary Saber solution; and streamlined digital communications with our customisable @xpress solution.

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is an integral part of our commitment to providing tailored solutions within the context of the services we offer. Whether it’s optimising our Saber system or fine-tuning our Digi-Mail platform, our custom development capacity ensures you get exactly what you need.

Direct Marketing

Executing your direct marketing strategies is easy when you have Dataprint on your team. Simple direct mail pieces can be printed in-house at Dataprint, then cost-effectively mailed to your database using DX Mail. Execution of more complex physical direct mailers can be fully project-managed by us, using our trusted print partnerships. And for electronic direct mailers, our EDM platform offers full reporting on all the metrics and KPIs you require.

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