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Custom Development

Our focus is in developing software solutions for business. While our specialist expertise is in custom software development, our focus is the bottom-line advantages our solutions deliver.

We specialise in what we do

We specialise in Microsoft .NET development. Our clients require custom software solutions that demand meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive software engineering knowledge. We develop sophisticated software and we solve very complex technical issues to deliver user friendly, business savvy solutions.

Our process

We don’t assume anything. Good communication is absolutely non-negotiable for successful custom software development. We’re avid listeners as well as a curious team that keep asking questions until we feel comfortable that the scope is completely understood. 

Our solutions

We works with clients across a range of industries from Healthcare to Finance. While we can show you a range of custom software solutions we have designed and built, the opportunities for custom development are endless.


We offer custom software development services and;

  • 24/7 hosting and support services
  • Custom Development
  • Hosting and Support

Your peace of mind

If you are looking for a software development company you can rely on and trust; we can offer you a development support contract tailor-made for your needs. We can take on existing software projects and sort them out for you!


Custom Development

Auckland airport

Auckland Airport’s performance management has been streamlined by the project. Staff can complete forms at home or work, at any time, and managers can review and contribute when and where it suits them. Completion and retrieval of documents is quicker and easier. And managers and the HR team can get clear reports on the status of appraisals and reviews. The HR team report that the removal of the process as a barrier means that the purpose of performance systems, ie. meaningful engagement on performance between a manager and an employee is happening.


In partnership with Fracture Media, we developed solution for leading architecture firm Jasmax which delivers a visual tour of properties, tracking user movement onscreen in real


LexisNexis New Zealand wanted a simple one-stop, one-step 'sign up and study' solution for their clients.


Natural health provider wanted to overhaul their unique Allergenics testing system to get ready for growth.


Smartbox is fast growing and globally expanding company that demanded a robust business critical solution to manage their trucks, drivers, trailers and smartboxes.


LandinfoNet wanted an experience where clients key information once; receive their reports straightaway; and have access to their account in real-time.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore

Development Manager

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Dataprint : Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.