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PromoCard is our mailbox marketing Promotional Cards

Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20% to 30% of e-mails Get cut through with direct mail PromoCard. A colour 2-sided postcard. Send on its own or compliment your digital campaign.

Step 1

Send your designs

Step 2

We print your Promo Cards

Step 3

DX Mail distributes them to your customer's door or mailbox

Promo Cards are making a come back

With so much advertising it creates bannerblindness, direct marketing is a much more efficient way to get in front of your customers.

Mailbox Marketing

We send responsive, trackable emails for your email campaign or business communications. We check responses, what emails bounce back and what emails have been opened.

DX mail delivers your PromoCards

PromoCard Specialises in Mailbox Marketing. Get in front of your customers now, by sending a Promo Card straight to your customers mailbox. We print and deliver your Promo Cards to your current and future customers. We partner with Dataprint to bring you high quality printing at an affordable price, and DX Mail to hand deliver your Promo Card fast and efficiently to your customers Mailbox.

Ready to get started?

Dataprint : Demand Different. Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

Dataprint : Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.