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Digital documents...

40% of the communications we manage for our clients are digital. Whether your communications is completely digital, or part of a multi-channel strategy, we can help.


@Xpress produces trackable devices-friendly email and text messages.


When you communicate with another business, we'll make sure the formats are compatible with their invoice scanning or ERP platform.

Online Archives

Our SABER system is a cloud-based document archive and retrieval system that is salable for any business.


We are the industry leaders in ‘remarkable outcomes’- no-one else comes close. We do that by reengineering how you deliver your mission-critical communications to your customers.

When you need to make your digital communications count @Xpress is the solution for you. We Audit the emails you send and follow up. So, if a customer opens a link from your email, we'll generate an automatic response. Everything is device friendly and compatible with any business systems youor customers use.

Emails System

We send responsive, trackable emails for your email campaign or business communications. We check responses, what emails bounce back and what emails have been opened.

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Dataprint : Demand Different. Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

Dataprint : Proudly New Zealand owned and operated.